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Moving Images Studio was previously trading as SIS.Cymru when images had more to do with marketing and business in general.

SIS.Cymru now points to this site Moving Images Studio

Registered trademark: Invictusis- UK00003251875



  • GH4

  • GH5

  • G9 (I know! Video... )


  • Usual + anamorphic

Audio (Edited in Davinci resolve)

  • Tascam DR05X (general backup)

  • Joby Wireless microphone (for VIPs)

  • Tascam DR10L (for couple)


  • Tripod (Formal)

  • Monopod (Informal)

  • What, no gimbal?  The wedding is about the couple, gimbals require deep depth of field and the couple gets lost in the frame. So no gimbal.


  • Canon 5D


  • DJI

Editing Videography:

  • DaVinci Resolve

Note: If you wonder why it costs so much for a video, the 8 hours of filming is the easy bit as long as you have learnt how to use it over the years.  Then creating the actual video requires extracting clips that last mere seconds from 16 hours of footage and building them together into a seamless whole that captures the story of the day and the emotion.  20 minutes of video requires hours of work with 100s of clips.

Editing Photography:

  • Focus

Package presentation:

  • Custom engraved glass memory sticks are presented in a (unique) antique wooden box.

Why the price?
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